Domestic Students Fees

Please find below a full list of our fees for each program. Bursaries are available for domestic Canadian students and to qualify, applicants must demonstrate one of the following attributes:

  • An excellent academic background
  • Leadership in past/current employment or within your community
  • Aspiration and willingness to contribute to the student and alumni community

All tuition fees listed are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date fees and schedule, please contact the Finance Office at Toronto School of Management. 

*Bursary amount will be calculated based on the number of remaining papers that the student will register for (up to $449.64 per paper except for SBL Strategic Business Leader where the bursary amount is $899.28 for this paper).

^The new Books and Materials fees will be applied to new applications submitted after August 31, 2020. Books and Materials fees will also apply to existing applications if a student defers their start-date after January 31, 2021. Books and Materials fees need to be paid in full prior to the start-date.  Please note that Books and Materials fees for the Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op program and Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op program are non-refundable.  For all other programs, the amount of Books and Materials fees refunded will be pro-rated based on the number of modules completed.

For refund information, please refer to section 31 of our refund policy.