Why you should consider a career in data analytics

Data analytics is big business right now so if you’re thinking of joining this growing sector, this blog will explain why you should.

  • This sector is expected to create millions of more jobs in the next few years. This is due to organisations understanding the importance of the insight that analytics brings including spotting potential new opportunities to increase profits.
  • This is an in-demand and trending career opportunity right now. A range of employers around the world and across many sectors are looking to hire data professionals right now. Research shows employers are currently struggling to hire people from this area due to low talent, so now is an ideal chance to jump on this.
  • Big Data is a big deal for businesses. One survey found that 77% of organizations (edureka) interviewed deeply care about this area and other surveys found similar results. This is one area companies are ready to invest in.
  • If you work in this field, you’ll be rewarded nicely. The median data analyst salary in Toronto is $54,000 CAD. A manager in this field can expect to earn $57,000 CAD.
  • You can decide for yourself which sectors you’d like to work in as data analysis is literally everywhere. If you have a particular hobby or sector that fascinates you, you have a chance to join it.
  • In organisations, you will be the one people look up to as you are the key decision-maker as you have the evidence and the knowledge to find ways to take the organisation from strength to strength.
  • As well as gaining the opportunity to work with big-name firms such as IBM, Microsoft and more, you can opt to work as a freelancer too and decide what rate you charge. Freelancers are known as Big Data Consultants.

If you believe studying data analytics is the right choice for you, TSoM offers a Diploma in Data Analytics co-op; check it out!