Why take a co-op program?

Why take a co-op program

A co-op program is a special form of education which combines learning in the classroom with practical experience in a real business, giving you hands-on skills as well as an understanding of the academic theories.

TSoM offers several of these programs, so here’s why they’re different to the typical college program.

Integrated work experience

With other kinds of study programs, you’d have to find a work placement yourself if you wanted real experience in an office. You’d then have to attend your new job outside of your classes, which would limit your hours.

However, on a co-op program, this process is much easier as working is part of your studies. You will also get assistance to find a work placement, especially as the university or college often already has partners who you can apply to.

Better employment prospects

Being able to work full-time in an office as part of your degree will give you practical skills a lot faster than other students, as your experience will be more intense.

You’ll also be able to network, identify your working style, and improve your soft skills, which employers are seeing as more and more important for new staff members.

Plus, you’ll be more likely to receive a more permanent offer with the employer if they already know you and have seen your talents develop over time.

Put theory to the test

A co-op program gives you the opportunity to try out the theories that you learn in class by applying them to a real business. This is an invaluable opportunity to explore different business concepts, see how they work, and learn from the results.

In addition, being willing to experiment and try new things will help you make a good impression on your colleagues.

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