Why should you opt for virtual internships?

A recent report on ‘The Future of Jobs’ released by the World Economic Forum concluded that workplaces, as we know them, are constantly changing. Advancements in technology have contributed to the popularity of working remotely.

As a result, future workers would need to learn essential digital working skills relevant to future job markets. An easy way to acquire these skills is to opt for a virtual internship.

That said, what is a virtual internship in the first place?

Akin to work-from-home jobs, a virtual internship lets you intern at a company from any location worldwide. These programs don’t require students or candidates to be physically present on the company premises, thus allowing them to work remotely.

Would it be advantageous to go for a virtual internship?

Yes! There are plenty of advantages to opt for an online internship during or after your college studies. Although a rare occurrence before, virtual internships have helped companies take on young talent even during the pandemic.

Here are some of the top advantages of seeking a virtual internship after your college graduation.

1. A virtual internship can increase the chances of getting a job later

Virtual internships can introduce you to your line of work and help develop essential management and professional skills. Additionally, internships are a great way to assimilate the company culture and impress your superiors with your work ethics and soft skills.

A virtual internship can also give you valuable experience of working in a corporate office or company. Opting for a diploma program with an internship or co-op placement module can ensure you know your way about the industry you want to join.

2. A virtual internship need not be an unpaid position anymore

Many students are deterred by online internships, often assuming them to be unpaid positions. Although unpaid virtual internships exist, many companies are beginning to offer attractive financial offers to their virtual interns.

A recent Comparecamp.com report found that interns with bachelor’s degrees were being paid an average hourly wage of $19.05. Apart from providing salaries, 59% of North American companies also offered their interns financial compensation for housing and travel.

3. A virtual internship can hone your digital communication skills

The Pew Research Center released data that placed internet and digital literacy as one of the most crucial career skills in the 21st century. Pursuing a virtual internship can allow you to hone your competencies in the digital industry, thus enhancing your future career prospects.

Virtual internships also allow you to develop other essential skills like time management, multi-tasking, and networking.

4. A virtual internship can allow you to get a taste of corporate life in your preferred country

Usually, students want to pursue a job that allows them to work in a country of their choice. However, the chances of landing an international internship opportunity can be pretty rare.

However, that is not the case anymore! Virtual internships can help you broaden your career scope to more than just your home country. With co-op diplomas from schools like the Toronto School of Management, you can experience working in the corporate sector in a developed country like Canada from the comfort of your home country!

Other benefits of virtual internships include ample networking opportunities with international peers, a credible work experience on your portfolio, and the chance to have a flexible work schedule.

How to stand out in your virtual internships?

With telecommuting and remote working becoming mainstream in the last two years, taking up a virtual internship can familiarize you with these working formats. What’s more, you’ll also be able to work with the technology and tools used by these digital companies.

Despite these advantages, you will still have to work hard to make a good impression during your virtual internship. Follow these tips to make the best out of this opportunity.

  • Go beyond your assigned duties and engage actively: An internship, virtual or offline, is an opportunity to grasp as much industry expertise as possible. Therefore, you should make the most of your co-op placement by not limiting yourself to just your assigned duties. Take the initiative to connect with different people and learn about various company operations apart from your work.
  • Have specific goals and objectives for your internship: A virtual internship with the best company in the world can go waste if you don’t set any learning goals for it. Be specific about your plans for the internship and the industry skills you want to develop. Doing this exercise can help you set yourself up for success as an intern.
  • Don’t be shy to seek mentorship guidance from your seniors: As a college student or a fresh graduate, you aren’t supposed to know everything. Therefore, you must reach out to other people and ask for guidance whenever you need it. Your curiosity and diligence in approaching others would show that you are genuinely interested in your work and are committed to doing your best.

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