Why is Toronto a leading hospitality and tourist destination?

Why is Toronto a leading hospitality and tourist destination

Canada has always witnessed a flurry of tourists and visitors owing to its vivid and beautiful locations and natural beauty. However, the city of Toronto tops the list of the most popular destinations in the country. A recent CBC news report revealed that Toronto received more than 43 million visitors every year before the pandemic.

But what is attracting so many people to Toronto? Read ahead to find out!

What is contributing to the growth of hospitality and tourism in Toronto?

Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada with everything to offer to tourists—glitzy malls, skyscrapers, beautiful gardens, and lakeshores. Here are the top reasons behind the growing popularity of hospitality and tourism in the city.

1. A general increase in the standard of living

As the general standard of living improves around the globe, more middle-class families can spare resources for recreational travelling. Many people can now afford to take more than one foreign trip in a year. As a result, more people are able to visit beautiful cities like Toronto.

2. Greater attraction towards travelling among millennials

While older generations are still cautious with their spending habits, the millennials are increasingly opting for travel as an integral part of life. A recent Huffington Post article revealed that 86% of millennials would rather travel to a new country or city to experience a foreign culture than spend money to party or go shopping.

3. Access to public services

Toronto has a well-developed public transport system consisting of subways, buses, streetcars and Go-Trains. This can allow tourists and residents to travel hassle-free and quickly within the city at affordable rates.

Additionally, the city’s residents and tourists have access to many public services like pay-phone booths, cycling and children’s parks, state-of-the-art hospitals and public libraries. These features increase the attraction of the city as a tourist destination.

4. Rich culture

Beautiful sightseeing opportunities and public services aside, Toronto has a lot to offer from a cultural perspective as well. The city is full of cultural neighborhoods like Little Italy or Chinatown which have preserved the culture of their home countries.

In addition, Toronto hosts many international cultural events every year including the famed Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the renowned National Ballet of Canada. These events bring hundreds and thousands of international visitors to the city every year.

5. Immense diversity

Toronto has an incredibly diverse population which makes it more culturally appealing. A 2016 census in the city revealed that immigrants made up an astonishing 49% of the population. BBC Radio also proclaimed Toronto as the most diverse city in the world in the same year.

This incredible mix of cultures, people and neighborhoods make Toronto a cultural hotspot worth visiting.

What are the top Toronto tourist attractions?

While there is no shortage of interesting places to visit in Toronto, here are a few sites you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • St. Lawrence Market: If you are a foodie looking to sample the local delicacies in Toronto, you must visit St. Lawrence Market in the city. It is the largest food market in the city offering a hoard of delicacies including cheese, fresh vegetables or other gourmet products.
  • The CN Tower: The CN tower is an iconic landmark for Toronto, much like the Eiffel Tower for Paris. This tower has an incredible height of 365 meters which can provide you with a bird’s eye view of the city’s skyline and Lake Ontario.
  • Hockey Hall of Fame: Hockey or sports fans can head directly to the Hockey Hall of Fame museum. You can learn all about the history and development of hockey in Canada as well as different variants of the game. The museum also has an interactive section where you can play hockey simulations yourself.

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