What makes Toronto a good business location?

good business location

Toronto is a bustling and successful city, fortunate enough to have a variety of sectors based in the city as well as thriving businesses and hustler entrepreneurs. Learn more here.

Popular industries in Toronto


Toronto is one of the world’s top design centres hiring over 20,000 people in various fields from architects to landscape and fashion designers.

Financial Services

Toronto is the financial heartland of Canada with top financial institutions from around the world based here and the city has its own stock exchange.


Toronto is a fantastic place for cultural events and the city hosts thousands each year. From parties and sports events, there’s something for all.

These are just some of the city’s biggest industries and Toronto is known throughout Canada as a business powerhouse. It provides a whopping 10% of Canada’s entire GDP and has one of the world’s most reliable banking systems.

Toronto is one of the most business-friendly places in the world. It’s top universities means your firm will have access to a wide pool of talent, some of which may even be foreign, thanks to Canada’s welcoming immigration laws, enriching your firm with culture.

Another bonus is that employee healthcare costs are just a third of what American-based companies have to pay.

Businesses in Canada can rest assured that Toronto overall is a safe and reliable nation with a stable political system too.

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