What is hotel management?

What is hotel management

In this post, you will learn what the role of a hotel manager consists of. Keep reading if you see yourself in this position in the future.

Traits of a manager

A hotel manager must be a friendly and approachable individual. After all, your career life will have customer service at its heart and you should aim to make every guest as comfortable as you can and this will lead to repeated business.

You must take interest in every aspect of the business and ensure a first class delivery, no matter the size of your place of work.

At times, the job will become challenging, but it’s up to you to remain positive and deal with issues to the best of your ability.

Other duties

As well as maintaining the hotel and ensuring it runs smoothly, other tasks for hotel managers include ensuring your staff are trained and are performing to a high standard.

If guests have any complaints or special requirements, this is something you will also have to deal with.

You must be an all-rounded person and have a good eye as you’ll also be dealing with the marketing aspects of the hotel.

A good brain for numbers is also important as department budgets and other finances will be in your hands.

Leadership duties

If you’re working in a very large hotel, it’s likely you’ll have a team of assistant managers under you as well as the head of housekeeping and various other department heads including sales and business managers, beverage managers, catering managers, and more.

Typical day

Hotel managers are expected to work more than just the typical 9-5. Work is usually completed within shifts which can include evenings, early mornings and even weekend work.

Relevant qualifications

These days, many employers ask for a degree in hospitality management or even a business management degree. It usually takes many years of experience for an applicant to be considered for the manager of an organisation.

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