What is ACCA?

what is acca

ACCA stands for ‘Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’, a global body of successful professionals in the finance and accounting field. The organisation has over half a million members and students in 170 countries around the world, and it only continues to grow.

Professionals with an ACCA qualification are highly sought-after by employers because the certificate represents integrity, business acumen, and financial knowledge – all of which are valuable traits for any company. It is also recognised by the European Union and the United Nations, so this certificate can help you travel all over the world.

To join their ranks, you need to take a series of written exams which prove you have a deep understanding of the accounting sector. The fourteen papers cover a range of topics, from business ethics and the law to technical subjects like auditing and financial reporting. They are split into four main areas: Knowledge, Skills, Essentials, and Options.

You can also study other subjects alongside your ACCA certificate. Many institutions who offer ACCA also allow you to combine it with a BSc or MSc in a similar subject, giving you a dual qualification at the end of your studies.

The exams are known to be tricky, but you have ten years to pass them all – and most people do it in under three years. With the right tutors and a focused mind, you can do it even quicker.

Once you’ve qualified, you’ll also gain a network of other accountancy professionals who can offer you support and advice throughout your studies and career, as well as forums and resources to help you progress.

An ACCA certificate is a fantastic asset to have on your Resume, and can open the door to a flourishing career in accountancy.

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