What can you do with an accounting qualification?

what can you do with accounting qualification 1

An accountancy qualification can really help you get ahead in your career, and it is one of the most lucrative professions you can choose.

Here are some of the paths you can take once you’ve completed your ACCA exams.

Different jobs

Firstly, there are a wide range of positions within the accountancy sector that will now be available to you. Depending on what you’re interested in you’ll be qualified for a whole range of jobs, such as budget analyst, tax accountant, accounting manager, or an auditor. The choice is entirely up to you and depends on your preferences, so think carefully before picking a niche.

Choose your working environment

As an accountant, you’ll have skills that are applicable everywhere in the world: everyone needs advice about money, from entrepreneurs to multinational firms. You could set up your own consultancy and get a long list of clients, or you could make yourself invaluable to a large international company and find yourself advising senior executives.

Further study

After you’ve finished your qualification, you might want to take the next step in your career by beginning an MBA. This will give you an excellent overview of business in addition to your specialised accounting skills, opening up roles in management and giving you the ability to branch out into other fields. Many employers value MBA qualifications very highly, and you can usually study part-time while you’re working.


If you’re particularly interested in the theory and concepts you learned, or you’ve got a real passion for accountancy and want to introduce others to it, you could train as a teacher and become an ACCA tutor. You can work freelance or find a school or university to teach at; with enough experience, you could even become a program director or academic manager.

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