Three Reasons to Consider a Career in Cyber Security

Three Reasons to Consider a Career in Cyber Security 1

If you’ve ever thought about a career in cyber security, you should know that it’s a field that definitely needs you. With an ever increasing reliance on the digital world, it’s more crucial than ever that companies and institutions fortify their defenses for their data and systems. There is so much demand for cyber security professionals that now is the perfect time to consider all the reasons this exciting career might be a fit for you. Here are our top three reasons to consider a career in cyber security:

A Career in Demand

The demand for cyber security professionals is high across all sectors. From private companies to health care and government, cars to smart homes, the need to protect data and networks is only intensifying. Which means the field is continually growing and bursting with opportunities for new workers. In 2021, there was estimated as much as 3.5 million unfulfilled positions for cyber security professionals worldwide. With so many sectors reliant on online safety, cyber security professionals are an important defense against cyber crime and security breaches.

Higher Salaries

With entry level positions in cyber security in Canada starting as high as 75k, employers are eager to pay for the specialised skills and qualifications that cyber security professionals offer. In Ontario, the average cyber security professional makes almost 90k annually, with top end, experienced earners making as much as 128k per year. With the right qualifications and experience, you can expect to grow in your earning power as a cyber security professional.

Follow your Interests

Because so many differing sectors require cyber security professionals, it should come as no surprise that security needs vary greatly between them. New technologies and applications means your career as a cyber security professional can take you to places where your interests most lie. With so many varied and unique needs from sector to sector and employer to employer, you have the option to follow any path that most excites you, allowing you to stay stimulated and challenged in your profession.

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a change in career, cyber security is a dynamic and growing field with lots to offer. High demand for qualified professionals, great salaries, and a wide variety of positions to suit your interests, cyber security is a career with lots of promise. If you are interested in getting your certification in Cyber Security, Toronto School of Management can help you get started. Contact us today!