The Future Scope of Security Software Developers in Canada

The Future Scope of Security Software Developers in Canada

There has been a huge surge in demand for cybersecurity software engineers in Canada in recent years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, different job profiles in software development are expected to see an upswing of 21% by the year 2028, which is a lot faster than most other average occupations. Why is Canada an attractive place for security software developers?

The Current Landscape of Security Software Developers in Canada

PM Justin Trudeau stated that one of the greatest drivers of creativity among engineers is the diversity of learning software security. When a small coterie of smart people from a range of backgrounds and perspectives come together, equipped with their professional experiences to work on problem-solving, the outcomes are likely to be far better than when it is performed by a very segmented group of people. Trudeau stated that Silicon Valley recruits’ talent from the University of Waterloo, not only because of its quality education, but also because of the “incredible multiculturalism” the institution nurtures.

Cody Cornell, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Swimlane, believes that low-code security automation will be slowly adopted by organizations in 2022. He said that automation will play a factor in helping employees overcome process and data fatigue. “Companies will seek to use low-code automation to harness the collective knowledge of their entire security organization and form a centralized system of record for operational data,” said Cornell.

What Do Security Developers Do?

Software security engineers work directly with software development teams and provide them with specifications to make the design of the software as safe and secure as possible. They are often needed to innovate new engineering designs, while sometimes they build the whole range of security software products from scratch.

They also work on the testing and design of the software components besides the software development team. One of the main jobs of a security developer is to keep in touch with a team of designers, developers, and engineers. This way, they can think of threats and work on ways to avoid them.

As the most crucial part of the software development stage is testing and implementation, advanced security techniques and systems are used to ensure the efficacy of a product’s design. Then, these systems require a deep understanding of how software is made and coded, and they need to work with the program’s creators to make sure there won’t be future attacks.

Finally, security developers ought to have knowledge of almost all kinds of attack vectors and possible surfaces of these attacks. They should be able to determine whether such attack vectors can be exploited by using the opposing end’s testing tactics.

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