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Effective marketing campaigns with lasting impressions are keys to successfully reaching a large number of viewers and potential users. An advertisement’s purpose is to offer people something to resonate with; otherwise, they would not be interested in building a lasting connection. Figuring out how to make such meaningful connections and customer retention is a challenging task, and it needs time and expertise to learn these skills. When looking for inspiration as a marketing specialist, the best place to start is by going through some of the most memorable digital marketing campaigns that have been very successful and impactful to the audience.

What is a digital marketing campaign?

A digital marketing campaign is a strategic effort to achieve a particular goal through digital channels. Whether promoting a product, a brand, or service, digital marketing allows marketers to reach a large portion of their audience and provide an exciting and engaging user experience. There are many tactics available to achieve the goals of a digital marketing campaign, including Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and more!

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The following are some of our top picks for the best marketing campaigns to draw inspiration from and the main takeaways to remember and execute. Read on to learn what these ads did right and the impact they created.

Volkswagen’s “The Last Mile”

Volkswagen launched a campaign titled ‘The Last Mile’ as an impassioned farewell to the classic Beetle Volkswagen while emphasizing their commitment for improved electric vehicles. The animated short video clip bespeaks the car’s role in pop culture and people’s lives over decades—including Kevin Bacon, Andy Warhol’s designs, and the Beatles. The advertisement garnered nearly 2 million views online with the hashtag #TheLastMile, while generating thousands of tweets and posts on Twitter & Instagram. As a remarkable move, the 8-decade old car took over the display of the New York Times Square billboards on New Year’s Eve.

An important lesson to learn from impactful digital marketing ideas such as this is that authentic, creative content is an effective way to increase engagement. It’s one of the best ways to forge a strong sentimental connection between a brand and its audience and nudging the right emotions can have a lasting impact. The success of the campaign also indicates that brands should not be afraid of welcoming change and evolving with the times. Customers not only understand but also respect brands that admit the need for a change and are efficient and bold enough to do so.

Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be”

Gillette’s ‘The Best Men Can Be’ ad campaign was iconic in its take on a sensitive social issue, where they managed to spin a powerful message that translated into their advertisement narrative. The ad is called, “We Believe—The Best Men Can Be,” and through this ad, they confronted what toxic masculinity is and why a sense of entitlement isn’t a feat of bravery. The brand balanced the tone of the ad by evoking nostalgia very tactfully, putting their slogan that they’ve used for the last 30 years to use, “The best a man can get,” as the chief message or the driving force behind the ad. It amassed more than 36 million views, making it one of the most successful campaigns in recent times.

This innovative digital marketing campaign was successful because people enjoyed how it challenged gender biases and addressed the great difference men can make in society by acknowledging and working on these biases. The campaign used multiple marketing platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, with the hashtag #TheBestMenCanBe. Gillette has even addressed gender norms in the campaign. On their website, they shared stories where they normalized and accepted the challenges men struggle with. Another noteworthy aspect of this campaign is that Gillette provided a million dollars in charity to NGOs that help men achieve their best.

By starting this unique hashtag, Gillette was able to attract new customers who were able to relate to the cause but had never used their products. Not only did the campaign generate more engagement, but it also made more people relate to the brand, potentially becoming potential customers. This ad is an example of how digital marketing campaigns have the power to bring about massive societal changes.

The most effective and successful digital marketing campaigns are those that have had an impact on people’s lives by upholding and conversing on relevant issues and opening up discussions with a positive attitude. The key is to create human-centric marketing concepts and ideas in order to find that unique thread that connects brand values to the right target audience for an authentic and organic digital interaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of a digital marketing campaign?

To increase brand awareness, aid company growth, increase revenues.

What is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign?

Know your audience. Define your goals. Create a schedule. Assess your budget.

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