The best books for business people

The best books for business people

There are many ways to become self-inspired these days. Whether that’s through podcasts, YouTube, or social media posts. But this post will go back to the basics and highlight some of the best books out there for the business community.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t – Jim C Collins

This is a management book that teaches how to take a good company to an excellent, successful one.

The author illustrates the success stories of well-known organisations and explains why and how their success has lasted a long time.

The book was a great success outside of business too and highlights several important features:

– Level 5 leadership – leaders who are humble but ultimately do what’s best for the company

– Getting the right people on board with you with the skills to allow the company’s growth.

– Confront facts and deal with them

– Ensuring your office is one of discipline

– Making full use of technology

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

The habit provides a neurological analysis of why our activities are able to become habits and the elements involved.

In order to change, the author believes it is vital to understand these components. The author believes that with the right attitude, anyone can change their behaviour, which can eventually also lead to success in the form of self-improvement.

Getting Things Done – David Allen

This is a book on enhancing your time management skills and improving your overall productivity.

The author advises being organised in order to complete tasks in a set time frame and prioritising tasks. This will in turn reduce your stress levels.

The Greatest Salesman in The World – Og Mandino

This book combines storytelling with life lessons. The book follows a poor camel boy who goes onto achieve a life of abundance.

The book re-iterates the point of developing positive habits and keeping them for life and staying persistence on your path to success. Other lessons the book highlights are believing in yourself, doing your best, and never delaying tasks.

There are endless books in this genre, no matter what you’re looking to learn or which sector you wish to join after completing your studies. For more posts, keep returning to the TSoM blog.