Staying in Toronto: Available housing and accommodation options for international students

As an international student planning to move to Toronto, you must figure out your housing arrangements. Preparing in advance will help you adjust when you finally arrive in this fast-paced city. You need to consider many aspects when choosing your housing options such as budget, location, and what type of housing you will be living in.

We provide several housing choices to help you decide on how you want to manage your stay during your student years here at TSoM.

Read on to discover what kind of housing options may suit your preferences.


Homestay is one of the least expensive housing options for international students. In this option, TSoM will pair you up with a contracted Canadian family to accommodate your stay for the entire school year. You will have the option to choose between housing with or without meals, as well as a private or shared bedroom and washroom. Opting for homestay has its perks; staying with resident Canadians can help you adjust more easily into the new environment. They can help improve your communication skills, guide you through the diverse Canadian culture, and provide you with firsthand tips on how to get by with the everyday Torontonian life.

Condo student residence

If you prefer sharing your space with another student or living on your own at a fairly affordable price, you can choose to live in a condo. For this option, TSoM partners with Harrington Housing — a reputable company that offers condo-type housing rentals near downtown Toronto — complete with personal amenities such as your own/shared bedroom, kitchen, and living room, priced at less than the market rate. Taking this route will give you an advantage in terms of location, as well as saving you time and effort going to and from campus.

Student residence

The difference between condo student residence and the student residence program is the amenities that come with the latter; thanks to TSoM’s partners Parkside and CampusOne residences, students get access to private bedrooms like in the condo residence arrangement, this time with a purchased buffet-style meal plan for every student. Parkside and CampusOne residences also offer access to fitness centres, student lounges, and game rooms that you normally wouldn’t find in a condo setting. The best part is that they’re located near the campus—you can actually walk to and from the school if you wanted to.

Private housing

If you want to find a residence with terms that’s fully in your control, you’re free to find one on your own. TSoM can assist you with finding a private apartment through reliable third-party rental affiliates that will arrange your housing concerns here in Toronto. You can also find landlords that allow you to share your unit with friends or schoolmates if you want to. This arrangement is perfect if you want to go fully independent when starting your new life in Canada.

Here at TSoM, we always strive to provide you the best services that we can offer, and that includes supporting you and your journey even before stepping into Canadian soil. We also offer airport pick up services as well as promo packages for your arrival. We advise that prior to your flight, make sure to settle all your accounts with your residential concerns. We suggest resolving all your concerns at least a month before moving in to have a seamless transition from your home country to your place here in Toronto.

For more information or concerns, contact [email protected].