Key managerial qualities for business success

key managerial qualities for business success

Nobody is born with the skills needed to be a good manager; they have to be learned and practised until they’re second nature.

Here are some of the most important qualities you’ll need to develop if you want to be able to lead a team effectively.


The most important thing for effective management is that your staff trust you – not just in terms of your business judgment, but as a person. They need to be able to tell you about any problems affecting their work without worrying about confidentiality.

In addition, make sure that you follow all the proper processes and rules at all times. This will help your staff to feel that you will be fair and that you’ll do the right thing in any situation.


The best way to motivate your team is leading by example. If you approach problems with an open mind and certainty that they can be solved, your staff will as well.

It’s also useful to keep a positive attitude for yourself, as you will undoubtedly face a wide variety of challenges in business. If you fall into negative thinking, it’ll be hard for you to think creatively to overcome obstacles; so remember that where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Like integrity, reliability is important for your relationship with your staff members. Being able to depend on you will give your team a sense of stability. For example, when you arrange regular meetings or one-to-ones, don’t reschedule at the last minute.

Your team should also be able to trust your words and actions, so make sure that you fulfil any promises and do the things you say you’ll do. If they know that you stick to your word, they will feel more confident communicating with you.


Maintaining working relationships always requires good communication skills, so it is very important that you practise things like active listening, public speaking, and giving feedback.

Being able to put your thoughts into the right words and tone of voice will help you in any organisation, whether you’re dealing with your own team, senior executives, or your fellow managers. If you can communicate well, you’ll soon be climbing the ranks.

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