How to use the internet as a job finder

How to use the internet as a job finder

If you’re a student or a recent grad start job-hunting, read this post to get some tips.


One of the most well-known and most widely used social networks for employment is LinkedIn. The site reportedly has over 350 million users around the world, from across the job sector, as well as well-known entrepreneurs and students aiming to establish themselves.

As well as adding people to your network, you can also apply to jobs through LinkedIn and post your CV for potential employers to take a look at. You can also follow companies you are interested in so you are up-to-date with their latest job opportunities.

LinkedIn is taken so seriously by employers and employees alike that some job seekers include their LinkedIn profile URL on their job applications.

Simply Hired

An employment website and app which gathers together millions of jobs and puts them together in one place for you so you can enjoy an easier job search.

The site ranked number 3 on Forbes’ ‘Top 10 websites for your career list’ in 2013.

Indeed Jobs

Another great website to use and one which is available around the world is Indeed Jobs. If you sign up and create an account, you can apply to jobs with just one click and have your application sent to the employer. Its simple interface makes it easy to use and you also have the option of leaving a message for the employer if need be.

You can search for jobs between 5 miles-50 miles away from your home.

Travel-related jobs

If you’re looking for a job specifically in the travel and tourism sector in Canada, you could opt to look at sites which are advertising these types of jobs. Examples are Discover Tourism and Destination Canada.

If you’re interested in promoting tourism in a particular country, look at their official tourism ministry jobs. Similarly, if you’d like to be hired in a particular hotel or restaurant, look those places up directly.

In the 21st century, job hunting no longer has to be a scary task. Whether you’re a graduate looking for your first job or a seasoned employee looking for your 50th, the internet has made this part of your life easier than ever.

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