How to stay productive during self-quarantine

If you’re a student with a study permit approved on or before March 18, 2020 and will be travelling to Canada soon, you should be aware of the international travel restrictions and quarantine guidelines. A 14-day quarantine is mandatory for students before they begin their on-campus classes. During this time, you will self-isolate and arrange for necessities like groceries to be delivered to your place.

If you thought that these 14 days will get monotonous, then think again. Since your interaction with the outside world will be minimal, there will be an ample amount of time to engage in many interesting things. Read on to know more about these fun activities.

Stick to a schedule

Home quarantine before beginning your studies is a good time to get into a routine.  Whether you are on-campus or studying online, you will be continuously multi-tasking between your classes, self-studies and personal commitments and hence, it’s important to get into a schedule early on. This will also impact your mental health positively, keeping lethargy at bay and inculcating self-discipline.

Start a hobby

This golden opportunity can also be a great time to finish your reading list and catch up on top sellers like The Reckoning, Becoming, and many more on Kindle. You can also use this time to work on your blog or start one as student’s lifestyle is a popular topic among millennials.

Self-isolation phase can be a great time for self-development as you can use a wealth of resources to enhance your knowledge. These activities can be educational and also entertaining.

Online webinars

Webinars contain a wealth of information on almost every topic. All you have to do is find the right event and tune in; to listen to advice, suggestions, stories and lot of fascinating insights on relevant and useful issues.

We understand that social distancing can get taxing on the mind and to help you out there are webinar events and episodes on Eventbrite. From mental health yoga to wellness seminars and group workshops, you will find a lot of relevant and useful material there.

  • Museum tours

Yes, you heard it right! If you are an archaeology buff, enjoy relics or are looking for a good historical story then Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) will bring them to you. Keeping the COVID-19 restrictions in mind, the museum has curated an online experience where you can re-visit history from the comfort of your room.

The virtual tour allows you to become a customer at the 1860 Montreal Notman studio, explore the Acadian history in detail and even visit the Maison Saint-Gabriel.

  • Engage in art

Who said quarantine isolation has to be filled with boredom when you can enjoy theatre shows, plays at the Stratford Festival and watch stage shows by recognised playwrights.

If you are a craft buff then you can learn to make interesting things and can also participate in a drawing challenge. In fact, you can get mentored by professional artists and present their ideas to them as well.

Similarly, the fitness enthusiasts can find their daily dose of indoor exercises, Zumba and other fun ways to stay fit. All this has been brought under the same virtual roof at the City of Toronto – COVID-19: Stay, Play & Learn at Home

Home quarantine is a necessary part of the travel restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. By following the rules and maintaining social distancing, you will keep yourself and others safe. TSoM has put a student guide in place to help you out with necessary guidelines. If you are keen to study in Canada then check out the variety of programs offered by them.