How to prepare for your Zoom interview

Landing a job interview is exciting news but needless to say, it brings a sense of pressure to present your best self in front of the interviewer. Zoom interviews in current times are similar to  in-person interviews in many ways.

While awkward and hilarious moments from virtual interviews became a trending topic in 2020, you certainly can’t afford to let that happen to you. This means before the interview, you have to be well prepared. Everything from your attire to what you say must create the right impact.

If you have a Zoom interview coming up and are tensed about acing it then we will make things easier for you. Here are some Zoom interview tips that will be of immense help to you.

Staying prepared

If you are wondering what a Zoom interview is and how it is different from a regular interview, then don’t fret. The only difference here is that you will be facing the interviewer online and not meeting them physically.

While this setup does have many pros, it does have some cons which can be easily avoided if you are careful. Make sure your surroundings are clutter-free and devoid of any distractions. A pet cat jumping in front of the camera at the UK Parliament committee’s meeting might look hilarious but the same occurrence during your interview can be anything but humorous.

So, make sure that your pets are kept away from the interview room and no family members come barging in unceremoniously during the call. Another thing to keep in mind is your z\Zoom interview attire. Make sure that you are dressed professionally and look presentable.

Practice before the call

Zoom has an excellent feature that allows you to record calls which means you can practice interview questions in front of the camera and evaluate yourself, thus making you more comfortable during the call.

People in front of the camera often fidget, are unsure of where to look and even neglect general things like keeping the room well-lit and checking the audio quality beforehand. These basic but essential elements can be easily checked with a practice call.

By seeing the recording, you can scrutinise even the tiniest detail and also check all your gears in advance. On the day of the interview, your laptop must be fully charged, your camera and microphone should work well and you must have a strong internet connection. All this will ensure your Zoom interview goes smoothly and even the hiring manager will appreciate a call that was interruption-free.

Create a professional setting

A downfall of video calls is that there is no personal contact. Hence, you have to make sure that virtually you are at your best. While choosing a quiet and tidy place is essential, you can also create a make-shift background with a few tasteful decorations to create a professional ambience. Avoid loud backgrounds and instead, opt for light colours and/or aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

During a Zoom interview, the interviewer should be able to see you clearly and the right surrounding may even help you score additional points. Also, ensure that your body language is appropriate. Although virtual, you are still in a professional setting. Don’t slump or get distracted during the call, turn off all your notifications and keep your phone on silent.

Interact with the interviewer

Asking the right questions during any job interview is important and the same applies to the Zoom interview. Make sure that you have an ample amount of information on the company and you are proactive with all your doubts and queries.

Attitude is everything. Stay cheerful and optimistic during the interview as a detached and negative attitude can derail your chances of getting the job. Interviewers can make out when the candidate is tired, disinterested or unexcited about the interview. Hence, a positive outlook impacts your overall performance and certainly creates a favourable impression on the recruiter.

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