How to Freshen Up Your Social Media Presence


Social media is out there for everyone to see – that includes potential employers! A good look online helps turn employers heads in-person, so dress it up with some professional flare. Maybe you want to start new professional profiles to keep personal social media separate. Or maybe you just want to freshen up the profiles you already have to make them more polished for employers. Either way, before applying to your dream job it’s a great idea to review and curate your social media presence.


Facebook and Instagram showcase your personality and hobbies. What are you interested in? What do you do for fun – activities, creative projects, sports, etc. Do any of these interests relate to the work you hope to do? Also, consider who you are following – are there bloggers, professionals, journalists, magazines, etc. that demonstrate your interest in your field? Share articles and posts from other professionals. This is a great chance to showcase your enthusiasm for the field you want to work in.


LinkedIn is a platform specifically for connecting people to industry, employers to candidates, and building up connections within you chosen field. Because this is where the professional world turns to when looking for employable candidates, you want to make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready to impress. Make sure your profile is complete – no missing fields! Really make sure your summary shines – edit carefully and maybe have someone else look over what you’ve written. This is a chance to show off your communication skills! Also, build up your connections. Discover professionals in your field and connect with them, and also connect with classmates and guest speakers. You never know when a connection could lead to a great opportunity.


Twitter is another good platform for sharing your personality and demonstrating your interest in your chosen field. Like Facebook and Instagram, share articles and blogs from relevant sources on your Twitter feed. And add your own thoughts and questions. If something is interesting to you, tweet about it! Start and engage in conversations with others who are interested in your line of work. Employers will see your enthusiasm for and understanding of the field.

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