How to become a restaurant manager

How to become a restaurant manager

The role of a restaurant manager

If you’re a foodie, this could be the dream job for you. Read on to find out how to get a job in this popular sector.

Academic qualifications

A completed high school education can be plenty for some restaurants, however, if you’d like to give yourself an extra boost with a degree in hospitality, this will certainly be an attractive asset to employers. If you’re strapped for time, opt for a shorter two year degree. A degree will prove to be a fantastic tool and will give you excellent lessons in management.

Some degrees also require you to carry out an internships, so this is something worth taking advantage of.


Other than academic qualifications, there are further certificates it’s useful to get hold of, however, this can depend on where you live. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to get hold of them anyway.

You may need a permit which states that you are allowed to handle food and you may be required to complete a course in food handling too. It’s best to have these before you enter a managerial role.

Daily responsibilities

Your duties will largely depend on the size of the restaurant you’re managing. However, no matter where you work, there are many similarities: checking the quality of the food, ordering the correct quantities, ensuring employees are following the correct health and safety procedures, and solving any customer issues.

You’ll also be responsible for filling vacancies around the restaurant – front and back staff.

Some restaurant managers are also owners of the restaurant. In this case, as a manager/owner, it’s likely you’ll want to work closely with your chefs to implement the best menu you can.

You’ll also want to implement the best marketing campaign you can to attract new people all the time.

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