How to access health insurance in Canada

How to access health insurance in Canada

Find out the countless benefits of applying for student health insurance in Canada before you begin your studies here. Read on to learn more.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance ensures that should you ever require medical attention, you can gain access to it easily. Your health insurance will also cover the cost of your treatment.

With the right insurance, you will receive the best medical treatment Canada has to offer and you will face no hassle getting an appointment with specialist consultants.

Health insurance is provided through Toronto’s province of Ontario. If you find you are not eligible for this, then you must seek private insurance. Seeking insurance via the province of Ontario won’t make you eligible for health insurance in other provinces. For this reason, if you plan on travelling around Canada, private insurance is a better option.

Getting health insurance

International students must apply for health insurance before their start date as the process can take many months. Your insurance must cover you for the entire duration of your stay in Canada. If you avoid applying for this and you do end up needing medical attention, without this insurance, your medical bill could be astronomical. Canadian hospitals can turn you away if they find you do not have the correct insurance.

Your international student health insurance will cover a range of things including: doctor’s visits, air ambulance, dental emergencies, legal/diplomatic referral, translation services, and more. Your policy will also mean that you can access medical care anytime day or night.


To get hold of your insurance, you must apply for an insurance card. You can get the correct forms are online or at a hospital/doctor’s practice/pharmacy. Identification (ID) will be required when you apply for this. Suitable forms of ID are birth certificate or passport.

This card must be presented whenever you need medical care. Do not let anyone else use your card as this could lead to you being removed from the country. If you lose your card, you may have to pay a fee to have it replaced.

Specific information for students of Toronto School of Management can be found here.