How technology has changed education

How technology has changed education

Technology has touched every aspect of human life. Find out how it has affected academia.

Methods of research

25 years ago, if students wished to study, they would have to visit a library and borrow books. Although this is still a popular method, it is not the only method. Today, students can learn from their iPads, laptops, audio books, podcasts, and YouTube.


Students today can easily interact with fellow students on the other side of the planet, should they wish to. This can be done through email, Skype, or instant messaging. Students can now stay in touch with pen-pals in an entirely new manner.

Online teaching

College lecturers can now upload their classes online and allow students to access the content from anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is a laptop and headphones. A student can be on vacation and still continue their learning!


Bulky textbooks can now be replaced with digital versions which students can download straight to their devices. There’s no need for pupils to strain their backs anymore!


Also to be replaced by technology are white/black boards. Today, classrooms and lecture halls are filled with projectors displaying computer screens to quickly and effectively show students text/videos. On some of these smart-boards, special pens can also be used to draw on the screens too.

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