How is digital marketing helping businesses during the pandemic?

How is digital marketing helping businesses during the pandemic

Few world events have been as catastrophic for the business world as the recent pandemic. Regardless of the domain or industry, businesses of all sizes and nature have been impacted by unprecedented lockdowns and social distancing safety measures.

However, there’s usually a silver lining in the direst of circumstances. The recent events have accelerated the business world’s movement towards a digital age. Digital transformation efforts have doubled in the last year. Many small and mid-sized companies are also enthusiastically taking up the challenge of digitizing their marketing efforts.

The digital marketing industry has become instrumental in driving these positive changes in the wake of the global economic slump. For many companies, investing in digital marketing efforts have allowed them to reverse some of the negative financial effects of the pandemic.

Let’s dive into the different ways the digital marketing industry has been helping companies in recent times.

Why are businesses looking towards digital marketing teams to sustain the pandemic slump?

The new normal is witnessing the general public increasing their time spent on the internet, especially for purchasing products. In such a scenario, upscaling digital marketing efforts has been beneficial for many companies in the ways mentioned below.

1. Effective digital marketing is helping businesses target more online customers

There are many surveys that prove people are spending way more time on the internet than ever before. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, internet usage in North America increased by 25% between February and April 2020.

Companies with robust digital marketing efforts have been capitalizing on this trend to increase their reach. Since people are spending more time online, digital marketing has also helped e-commerce companies cost-effectively increase their annual turnover.

2. Digital marketing strategies are enabling networking events to move online

2020 was a bad year for the live events industry as concerts, games, and conferences were cancelled throughout the world. However, companies that invested in the right digital networking tools were able to adapt right on time.

Many digital marketing teams were able to help their companies bring their audience together through online events and zoom calls. With online events becoming the current norm, customer communications through digital means is likely to continue even after the pandemic is over.

3. Social media marketing is bringing in better quality leads

recent Hootsuite report suggests that more than half the earth’s entire population uses some form of social media, and that number is still growing! Global Web Index data also shows that a typical internet user in North America uses up to nine different social media platforms.

Social media marketing has become one of the best ways for small businesses to connect with their target audiences, remarket to them, and follow them. People use their social media accounts for a variety of purchasing decisions, from looking up new products to checking their reviews. Effective social media marketing strategies have been proven to bring around better quality leads compared to conventional marketing tactics.

What can you do as a digital marketer to grow your business in this current landscape?

Given the immense number of opportunities being made available in the digital marketing industry, it’s the right time to invest in relevant strategies that can help your brand achieve more success in the digital space.

  • Move and make your brand discoverable online: It’s high time to elevate your online brand presence and make it discoverable by consumers and search engines. Focus on online branding exercises that can increase awareness about your company on the internet.
  • Don’t shift the focus from existing customers: Upscaling can’t be at the cost of losing your existing customers. If the stream of new customers has slowed down due to the pandemic, focus on retaining the ones who have stuck with you even in these unprecedented conditions.
  • Invest more in social media advertising: As more people adapt to work-from-home scenarios, they get to spend more time on social media. The return on investment has skyrocketed for social media advertisements. That being said, increasing your social media advertising budget can bring in a lot of good quality leads.

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