How can you help out during the pandemic?

The ongoing global pandemic has been difficult for everyone, irrespective of their social and economic backgrounds. Governments around the world are introducing stringent measures to contain the rapid spread of the disease which are hampering the daily lives of millions of people.

A silver lining during this period is the heartening show of solidarity and courage displayed by people at the frontline from healthcare workers and transportation workers to retail store workers and government officials. The work being done by charitable organisations and NGOs to feed the homeless, help poor people and support local businesses is also inspirational.

While it is important to stay at home and restrict your social interactions to contain the spread of the disease, it is equally essential to lend a helping hand wherever you can. There are multiple ways of contributing and doing your bit for society. Read this blog to learn five ways in which you can volunteer during the ongoing pandemic.

Reducing wastage: In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, public bodies and government authorities have restricted the frequency of grocery shopping for most of us. While many are still lucky to get essential items, there are many areas and districts where people are struggling to access the basic human essentialities. It is therefore important to understand the value of essential items and not waste them. Using resources sensibly and making food bank donations instead of wasting can go a long way in making these resources available for the less privileged.

Donating blood: According to a recent report by the Red Cross, as the duration of the pandemic keeps extending, the number of people eligible and willing to donate blood is steadily decreasing. With the number of critical patients rising, donating blood can possibly save someone’s life in this crucial time.

Financial donations: If you have remained employed during this pandemic or you are financially secure, you can find many worthwhile NGOs and charitable organizations within your local area to donate funds to. If you’re not sure about the authenticity of an organization or how much of your donation will actually go to the people who need it, you can also look up local food banks or the soup kitchens to help. By donating money and your time, you can ensure that you are giving back to society during these troubled times.

Volunteering online: While current circumstances mean that it might be unsafe to venture outside, the number of volunteering options available can become limited. However, there are vast amounts of virtual volunteering options which you can get involved in. You can now virtually read to seniors at an old age home, start an online fitness class or even tutor kids who cannot afford extra help with their studies.

Helping the frontline: In addition to these suggestions, you can get creative in your approach to helping the frontline workers who are working tirelessly to stop the spread of the pandemic. If you are a good cook, you can volunteer at a local soup kitchen or, if you are interested in arts and crafts, you can help local bodies in making informative posters and banners.

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