Four Tips designed to speed up your job hunting process

Are you a fresh graduate who’s looking to begin your journey in the corporate world? Are you looking to switch domains and explore exciting work opportunities? Do you simply want to switch to a better-paying job?

If your answer’s yes to any of the questions above, chances are you are already in the job-hunting process. You might be going through plenty of job descriptions and short-listing them based on your priorities. You might even have applied to some of the vacancies on different job search sites.

However, going through the motion can’t guarantee that you will get your dream job in record time. We have hand-picked some useful job hunting tips below that can help you find a job in a shorter period of time.

1. Make your resume ATS friendly

If you have already started your job search, chances are that you have a resume ready to go. But an incorrect resume format can hinder your intentions to find a job.

Here’s something to ponder on: 95% of the Fortune 500 companies use a computer software called applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen hundreds of resumes based on pre-set qualifications. Therefore, there’s a chance that your resume gets rejected even before it is seen by an actual human.

There are many ways to make your resume ATS friendly—including job-specific keywords mentioned in the job listing and saving your resume as a word document. You should also avoid using images and graphics as ATS can rarely translate those.

2. Make the most out of your personal and professional network

CNBC recently published an interesting survey that stated that 80% of corporate jobs are filled through networking. The logic is simple—you’re likely to get hired if you have made a good impression on someone who works for the company you have applied.

Tapping into your personal and professional network is one of the best ways to speed up your job search. You can reach out to classmates, co-workers or even old professors to see if they know of suitable job opportunities.

Today, online networking through social media websites like LinkedIn can also play a huge role. Being active on these websites can let you directly connect with recruiters and hiring managers. An active profile can also help you add to your personal brand which can further brighten your career prospects.

3. Set up job-search alerts to save you time in job-hunting

Combing through different recruitment platforms for a job matching your priorities can be time-consuming and tedious. After hours of scrolling, many job postings might even start to look the same.

Creating specific job alerts can help you cut down your search time drastically. You can customize job alerts to match your preferences. Thus you get notifications for only those job posts that are relevant to you.

4. Put in adequate interviewing practice

The success of a job interview can depend on a lot of things other than your subject expertise. Things like posture or eye contact that seem trivial can impact your interview in a big way. data suggests that 33% of hiring managers eliminate candidates with a bad posture while 67% reject candidates who don’t make sufficient eye contact.

First impressions can matter a lot when you have only 30-40 minutes to show your accomplishments. Therefore, it is recommended that you aggressively practice for your job interviews. You can take the help of your mentors and family to give you feedback on your behavior or practice in front of a mirror.

Other tips to find a job include writing a well-worded cover letter with your applications and being original in telling your story.

Sometimes, it can take some time to land the right job. The trick is to remember that you are investing this time to secure a bright career. Therefore, avoid settling for a job offer if it doesn’t match your requirements. As long as you stay committed to the process and stick to your plan, you can expect to land a decent role with a great company.

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