Crazy Canadian Halloween facts

Crazy Canadian Halloween facts

October 31 is crazy popular

According to statistics, after Christmas, Halloween is the next biggest celebration in Canada on which the most dollars are spent; many Canadians state they save money especially for the day.

The number one thing their hard-earned cash is spent on? Candy.

Tonnes of money is donated to charity

Halloween in some parts of Canada used to be a little different. As well as collecting sweets, trick and treaters would ask for spare change which was then given to charities around the world. This has now migrated to an online system and on average Canadians donate around $3million each year on All Hallows Eve.

Spiders are significant

In Canada, if you happen to see a spider on Halloween this means a loved one who has passed away is watching over you.

You don’t always get sweets in Ontario

In order to encourage a healthier lifestyle, the city of Cornwall in Ontario sells discounted swimming and skating passes for residents to hand out to trick and treaters instead of candy.

Vancouver gets loud

Halloween is the only time of year that Vancouver citizens can let off fireworks in their backyards which means every Halloween is loud and colourful.

Themed tours in Quebec

Across Quebec, citizens can take part in spooky tours and visits to cemeteries and haunted houses.

Canada’s largest Halloween parade

Toronto hosts the nation’s largest street parade on October 31. This popular parade is not for the faint-hearted and encourages super scary costumes.

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