Best Job Roles with Business Management Diploma

Best Job Roles with Business Management Diploma

A managerial role is becoming an increasingly popular career choice among graduates. A business management diploma will equip you with business skills which can help you deal with the constantly shifting economy. Read this article if you want to learn in detail about the jobs that you can take up with a diploma in business management.

Why should you study business management?

  • A business management degree provides students with a hands-on experience of cutting-edge business techniques;
  • It helps to increase your chances of getting a professional job soon after graduating as well as acquiring work placements while studying at a business school;
  • Greater career progression and opportunities to earn higher salary packages;
  • It provides an opportunity to explore various sectors of management, including finance, marketing and communication, which are essential to achieve a successful career in business;
  •  As a business management student, you will be able to build skills for better productivity, efficiency and performance in the business world;
  • Business graduates can choose from a wide range of career paths because they possess the required aptitude to work in different fields, irrespective of the industry.

What are the most common jobs with an associate diploma?

Sales Executive (average salary: $32,000) – a sales executive typically deals with employers from the services, retail and manufacturing industries. They are expected to be patient, confident and persevering as well as possessing excellent interpersonal skills and commercial awareness. As the major point of contact between an organization and its clients, they play an important role in the company’s success. A sales executive’s job responsibilities include:

  • Demonstrating and promoting products and services;
  • Negotiating contracts and packages to maximize profits;
  • Organizing sales visits and clarifying on-the-spot queries;
  • Establishing new business deals;
  • Reviewing sales performance to achieve monthly and annual targets;
  • Maintaining business records;
  • Making cost-effective calculations for forthcoming product developments;
  • Providing customers with quotations;
  • Managing the marketing database;
  • Attending trade exhibitions, conferences and business meetings;
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with potential customers.

Administrative Assistant (average salary: $22,100) – an administrative assistant (administrative coordinator or administrative specialist) are professionals who manage a company’s administrative activities. They are required to have excellent time management, problem-solving, organizational, written and verbal communication skills. Additionally, they should also be well-acquainted with office equipment (printers and fax machines) and basic computer software. They utilize their knowledge of office management systems and procedures to perform a wide range of clerical and administrative tasks such as:

  • Providing support to the managers and other employees by assisting in their daily official needs;
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings;
  • Preparing regularly scheduled reports;
  • Ordering office supplies and finding new deals
  • Updating and maintaining a filing system and other office policies;
  • Making travel arrangements (booking transportation, and making hotel and restaurant reservations);
  • Maintaining polite and professional communication and providing general support to visitors;
  • Answering phone calls and maintaining a contact list of internal and external clients;
  • Creating presentations and conducting research;
  • Assisting senior managers by handling their requests and queries.

Stockbroker (average salary: $52,630) – a registered representative or an investment adviser who carries out buying and selling of stocks and other securities on behalf of clients is called a stockbroker. They are required to have a financial education and need to pass the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Exam, which is administered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in finance or business administration will allow you to start working as a stockbroker with institutional clients. To begin your career as a stockbroker, you need to have a basic understanding of:

  • Financial laws and regulations;
  • Accounting methods;
  • Principles of economics and currency;
  • Financial planning and forecasting.

A successful stockbroker should possess strong interpersonal skills and be able to maintain sales relationships. This job may require you to work for long hours as well as handle rejection at certain times. A stockbroker’s job responsibility consists of:

Marketing Executive (average salary: $30,350) – marketing executives oversee various aspects of a marketing campaign, depending on the size of the industry and type of employer. This includes creative, analytical, digital, commercial and administrative responsibilities. A marketing executive must be able to bring forth:

  • Proficiency in social media, web analytics (WebTrends), marketing software, data analysis, statistical methods and market research techniques;
  • Knowledge in marketing practices and principles of strategic planning;
  • Commercial awareness and adaptability.

The preferred qualification for a marketing executive job role is a postgraduate degree in marketing, economics, business, statistics or sociology. Their work activities include:

  • Organizing and executing advertising campaigns, promotional events and exhibitions;
  • Developing effective and intuitive sales strategies that meet the requirements of the customers;
  • Conducting market research and analysis;
  • Evaluating marketing trends, brand awareness and competitive ventures;
  • Writing and proofreading marketing distributions, such as brochures, press releases and website content;
  • Collaborating with media vendors and publishers to ensure consistent generation of promotional activities.

Accounting Associate (average salary: $29,130) – the position of an accounting associate is often considered a stepping stone for a career in accounting. They must possess basic accounting and bookkeeping skills that are essential for all accounting procedures. Accounting associates should be well-acquainted with invoicing procedures, cash handling policies and computerized accounting systems. Accounting associates should be able to execute the following tasks:

  • Administering accounting and taxation processes;
  • Resolving matters related to payment with customers, clients and vendors;
  • Maintaining accounting records and portfolio activities
  • Performing research on accounting processes;
  • Preparing reports for dealers;
  • Conducting annual audits;
  • Forecasting budget requirements;
  • Updating information in accounting systems and verifying data for accuracy;
  • Participating in training and professional development activities.

Human Resources Specialists (average salary: $40,000) – human resource specialists are employed in the service industry to help enhance the industry’s growth. Their prime responsibility is to update and manage employment laws and healthcare coverage options. A candidate applying to this position should hold a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business or in other related fields. The job responsibilities of a human resource specialist include:

  • Recruiting, screening and interviewing prospective applicants;
  • Executing human resource-based work related to the employees, compensation and benefits and training schedules;
  • Assisting in the organization’s development policies and procedures;

Students are likely to get better job opportunities with a business management diploma under their belt. The Diploma in Business Management course offered by the Toronto School of Management (TSoM) will give you a better understanding of the essential principles of marketing, finance, management and human resources. To obtain more information on program modules and admission requirements, visit this page.