Best college admission essays for students

When applying to a college, it is compulsory for students to submit an essay as a part of their application. Thinking of a good topic for your college essay and representing yourself in within a certain word limit may seem a difficult process, especially considering these essays are addressed to the admissions officer of a college. It’s therefore important to gather your ideas as early as possible in order to plan and draft a write-up.

For college admission essays, students need to be aware of the parameters of the topic that are assigned by the college admissions department and these guidelines should be kept in mind while writing. After you have narrowed down the essay topic, you can then ask yourself explanatory questions which can help you expand your topic. This blog can give you a few tips that can help your essay stand out from the rest of the application pool.

How to choose a college essay topic for admissions:

  • Try to relate the topic of the essay to the present status of your life, focusing on a specific instance that represents your character;
  • Picking a unique topic can help distinguish your candidature from others;
  • Reflect upon your past experiences by mentioning how you have overcome challenges;
  • Genuinely describe your thoughts, aspirations and achievements, touching on how they have transformed you to the individual that you are today;
  • Mention the skills that you have developed throughout your life or any childhood passion that has contributed to your personality today;
  • Before choosing a potential essay topic, it is essential that you research the college that you are applying to;
  • Try to make your essay interesting by incorporating creativity and originality in your writing.

What are some common essay topics?

  • Storytelling – This is a great way of showcasing your personality and beliefs through words. This type of essay topic can be taken up by students who are aspiring writers and want to develop their skills by writing stories. The outlook of the essay should signify a story, which can enable the student to get their point across in an appealing manner.
  • Evaluation – This topic can include details of specific experiences, challenges and achievements that have changed your life to some extent. Writing about a significant moment of your life will showcase your mature perception of life. Students should carefully frame the sentences of an evaluation-based essay, for the admissions officer to understand their write-up.
  • Influences – This covers a range of topics that focuses on what the particular student wants to become. It enlightens the admission officers about the influences that have helped students reach their goals in a compassionate manner.
  • Diversity – For these topics, students need to incorporate the concept of diversity into their essay, usually when applying to an international college. Students can talk about diversity in the context of community and how it can help individuals come together and grow in unity.

How to write a good essay for college admissions?

Step 1: Choosing a topic that can highlight your creative skills;

Step 2: Narrowing down the focus of your essay to your purpose;

Step 3: When stating a fact, remember to attach a relevant source of reference;

Step 4: Use appropriate language and real-life experiences;

Step 5: Get your essay proofread by a professional.

Here is a college admission essay sample:

What are the essay topics to avoid for college admissions?

Mentioning your personal accomplishments;

  • Polarized or sensitive topics related to religion or politics;
  • Your athletic abilities or sports in general;
  • Demonstrating your sense of humour;
  • High school adventures or personal trips ;
  • Volunteering experiences that have not had any specific impact on your academic career;
  • Including a random stream of thoughts or self-expression;
  • Mentioning about illegal or illicit behaviour that you may have experienced;
  • Portraying yourself as a centre of the essay;
  • Writing about tragic incidents that may have impacted your life significantly or affected your learning experience in school.

Drafting a college admission essay gives students the opportunity to provide a written piece of work to the admissions officer with a personal touch. Furthermore, this allows college officials to understand the area of study that you can best fit into. If you are interested in learning how to ace a college application, you can browse through similar blogs here.