A Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Canada

A Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Canada

Canada is a popular destination for those who want to pursue their higher education abroad. In 2017, Canada hosted 494,525 international students, which marked an increase of 119% between 2010 and 2017. Before opting to study in Canada, students have to do extensive research about a series of things – one of them being accommodation cost. This article will help you get a good idea of the student housing options available and help you decide the right accommodation option.

What is living in Canada like?

Canada is home to a multicultural population, with people from all around the globe residing here. It is a huge country, with vast stretches of green spaces to boast of. While the primary languages in the country are English and French, you will find people from different ethnicities blending in with the Canadian culture. According to data released by US news in 2019, Canada ranks third in terms of quality of education and first in terms of quality of life. This speaks volumes about how life in the country is for international students and why the prospect of studying in Canada is becoming increasingly popular.

Types of accommodation in Canada

Accommodation in Canada can be divided into two sub-categories – short term and long term. While most international students would opt for long-term accommodation options for their higher studies, we will walk you through the whole set-up.

Short-term accommodation


  • Hotel stays: this option is available everywhere in the world, however, it is not feasible for international students who are here to pursue higher education. The cost of a hotel room could vary from $45 to $250 per night, depending on the luxury quotient it has to offer.
  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B): for a short stay, this is a good option. Apart from a private room in an establishment or home, you also get a generous breakfast. But again, it is not a worthy option for international students. The cost per night for this accommodation could vary from $35 to $105, depending on the facilities available.
  • Youth Hostels: In case you are in Canada for a short course, you could opt for this type of accommodation. Generally, the set up facilitates a room to guests which they have to share with other people. The average cost of staying in a youth hostel could vary from $10 to $20 per night. Apart from being an affordable option for a short stay, it also gives you the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the globe.
Long-term accommodation


  • Rent a flat: renting a flat is the most common choice that international students make while studying abroad. Depending on your budget, you could rent a house all by yourself or live with friends to share the cost. The cost of renting a house varies depending on the location and the size of the property. However, on average, shared accommodation could cost you anywhere between $250 and $700.
  • Homestays: opting for this type of accommodation is a great way to become familiar with Canadian Homestays allow you to stay with Canadian families, in a safe and friendly environment. However, before opting for this option ensure that the location and rules of the household are feasible for you. The average cost for this accommodation varies from $400 to $800.
  • On-campus accommodation: some colleges in Canada offer accommodation on campus or close to the university campus. While this is a great accommodation choice for, and this can be another great option.

On-campus vs off-campus student accommodation

The idea of studying abroad can be daunting. More so because you have to consider various factors such as scholarships, transportation and accommodation.

This is why Toronto School of Management (TSOM) ensures that it helps international students with accommodation options, in order to make their study abroad plans easier to execute. You can learn more about the accommodation options offered by TSOM here.