7 Tips for a Successful Career in International Hospitality Management

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What is hospitality management?

Hospitality management is a great example of a field that combines good customer service with sound business principles. Hospitality management is a diverse field that brings together comfort, food, and culture in a way that feels natural to guests. In this area, it’s not enough to just provide accommodation or a meal; it’s also important to create moments that people will remember for a long time. From high-end resorts to local bars, the same principles of hospitality management apply: great service, attention to detail, and a desire to go above and beyond what guests expect.

After some significant time in limbo, the hospitality industry is now on the verge of a comeback. The harsh economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic have taken their toll on the industry, and now that travel restrictions and other safety measures have mostly been lifted, businesses in hotel and hospitality have seen a positive rise in recent times. And as these industries begin to reopen and adapt to the changes brought upon by the pandemic, demand for vital skills in areas such as International Hospitality Operations Management has significantly increased as well.

Tips for a successful career in international hospitality management

A career in international hospitality management offers the door to a world of adventure, cultural richness, and endless potential. This dynamic sector combines the art of guest service with the complexity of managing various worldwide operations. These tips will help you build a successful career in international hospitality management.

  • Have an open mind in multiculturalism: In international hospitality, it is very important to understand and accept cultural differences. Connecting with visitors from varied backgrounds will improve their experiences and as the same time enhance your career.
  • Sharpen your leadership skills: Effective leadership is essential in the hospitality industry. Seek mentorship, take on leadership roles, and promote a collaborative and motivated team atmosphere to help you develop excellent leadership abilities.
  • Embrace changes in technology: The hospitality industry is changing because of technology. Learn about software, mobile apps, and data analysis tools that are used in the hotel industry. Being tech-savvy lets you streamline operations, improve the guest experience, and adapt to changes in the business.
  • Gain international experience: Immersing yourself in different countries through internships, co-op programs, or jobs abroad can teach you a lot and give you a broader view of the world. Having international experience shows that you can think globally and are ready to take on new tasks.

As an aspiring professional in these industries, this is a great indicator to continue pursuing your passion in this career path and achieve your career goals!

Here at Toronto School of Management (TSoM), we have academic programs and career-centric initiatives to help our students succeed in their professional endeavours. In this blog, Eddy Sulaiman, TSoM Academic Manager for Hospitality & Tourism Programs, shares some tips for a successful career in the field of International Hospitality Management!

  1.  Get your degree, preferably internationally with co-op: Most companies nowadays recognize an international educational degree as a plus on resumes in addition to hands-on work experience, and with that said, completing a co-op program can be an effective token to join the work force.
  2.  Get your work experience: Try various positions, and always look for opportunities that start from the bottom. Learn as much as possible from your position, then look up better work opportunities with your experience in hand. Keep in mind that sometimes training such as internships will provide you with the most experience and job opportunities.
  3.  Socialize with those who do not speak your native language: Get out of your comfort zone, improve your English skills, learn how to think in English, and learn other languages, one word at a time. Remember, your guests are not always local. One word of kindness can change the world and make you a shining star in the hospitality industry.
  4.  Network, Network, and Network: You will be working with people for people. There is nothing better than meeting new people from the industry who are just as passionate as you are. The hospitality industry is a large family in a small world; everyone is connected.
  5.  Have the correct mindset: Having an open mind, being welcoming to other cultures, and being courageous enough to relocate and go out of your comfort zone are the right mindsets to help you draft your career path.
  6.  Always look for continuous improvement: Learn new skills, practice them, improve your skills, and learn new skills again—the cycle must stay in motion.
  7.  Practice hospitality in every moment, adopt it as your lifestyle: Always remember that hospitality is not what we do for others but how we make them feel.

TSoM offers a variety of sought-after programs catering to the field of hospitality, complete with an exceptional curriculum and relevant training that will hone your skills to become a competent professional in this booming industry. To learn more about our Hospitality and Tourism programs, visit our website or send us an email at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is international hospitality management?
    International hospitality management is a multifaceted profession that includes the global management and operation of numerous sectors of the hospitality industry. It entails managing and improving the visitor experience, business operations, and services offered by restaurants, hotels, resorts, event venues, cruise lines, and other hospitality companies.
  • Why is a successful career in international hospitality management important?
    A successful career in this field entails a lot of advantages and significant impact in your professional journey, including international career opportunities, a diverse and competitive professional network, personal fulfilment, and an enhanced skillset in a variety of fields.
  • What are the different career opportunities available in international hospitality management?
    A career in international hospitality management opens up a world of exciting possibilities, including but not limited to:

    • Hotel and Resort Administration
    • Restaurant Administration
    • Event Organization and Management
    • Management of Travel and Tourism
    • Management of Food and Beverage
  • How can I stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the international hospitality industry?
    You can do research on online communities, as well as institutions that offer academic opportunities and conferences related to the field, and continuous networking.
  • Why International Hospitality Management?
    International hospitality management offers a distinctive combination of global exploration and business administration. It enables you to discover new cultures, create a positive impact in the daily experiences of people, and create both personal and career growth in exciting ways.

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