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The Entrepreneurship and Doing Business with Canada Executive Training Workshops develop skills that are vital for business professionals interested in entrepreneurship, working with Canadian businesses, starting a business in Canada or looking for a better understanding of global business practices.

You will be able to:

  • Learn some of the main tools and skills required to successfully start a business in Canada or globally.
  • Understand the business environment in Canada and be aware of the specific characteristics of doing
  • Learn about workshop and services that can help those wanting to start a business in Canada
  • Network with professionals from a variety of industries and conduct field visits to successful companies
  • Experience Canadian culture and tourism attractions in one of the country’s most vibrant cities: Toronto


Duration: - 36 hours

Start Date: - TBD

Fees: - $2,500 CAD

Note* - It is strongly recommended to bring the laptop for best learning experience.

Modules Outline

Specific Topics Covered:

ETP01: Becoming an Entrepreneur and Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
What are the key ingredients that drive success? How do entrepreneurs capitalize on new ideas and bring them to market? Gain valuable insight into the unique mindset that often accompanies a successful venture. When starting a business, there are important differences between starting from scratch, buying a privately-owned business and buying a franchise. Identify the opportunities and risks for different models of starting a business.

ETP02: Programs and Services for Entrepreneurs
Learn about the resources available to entrepreneurs including Government of Canada programs for investors and start-ups, business incubator programs, venture capital funds and angel investor groups.

ETP03: Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership
Entrepreneurs must be able to communicate effectively across different cultures in today’s global business world and manage diverse teams. Learn the keys to cross-cultural communication and assess your personal communication and leadership styles.

ETP04: Effective Digital Marketing
In our digital world it is a necessity to have a marketing strategy that helps your business stand out. Learn how to make impactful marketing decisions and the strategic branding of your company’s products and services. You will also get an understanding of the advanced branding strategies to constantly reinforce your message and put your business ahead of the competition.

ETP05: Canadian Business Environment and Developing Your Business Plan
Learn the key components of a business plan, develop a mini-business plan for a sample business and present it to the group for feedback. Understand the rules and regulations for businesses, the basics of employment law, import/export regulations, franchise models, and the taxation system.


Download the PDF file of the sample schedule here


Duration: - 36 hours

Start Dates: - TBD

Fees: - $2,500 CAD

Note* - It is strongly recommended to bring the laptop for best learning experience.

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