TSoM announces temporary changes to co-op policy

  • Availability of Capstone Project

Students unable to find a co-op placement during the pandemic or are forced to move out of Canada, have an option to join a Capstone Project in place of a co-op work placement as part of their curriculum. This will enable them to complete the requirements for graduation. The Capstone Project provides an opportunity for students to integrate and apply their program learning outcomes to a project that may take a variety of forms. To complete the project, students will be required to work with a mentor, conduct research, document their findings, and submit a project report.  

  • Extension of co-op term

Students unable to find a placement because of COVID-19 will be allowed one extra full term of co-op to their LOA.  Students who fail to submit their request on time will be allowed an extension of time to complete the Capstone Project.                                            

Students who require an extension of their LOA would need to reach out to Career Services at careerservices@TorontoSoM.ca before their LOA expiration. Once this is done we will issue the letter confirming the extra time required to complete the program (the extra time is dependent on the duration of the co-op term that the student is taking).  Kindly note that only one extension will be given to the student and should the student not be able to complete their co-op term, completing the Capstone Project will be the only other option to graduate.

Please refer to our Co-op policy or contact Career Services at careerservices@TorontoSoM.ca for full details.